If you are going to finance a car, let it be electric

During 2017 there were more than 13,000 electric vehicles registered in Spain. According to the information portal on the electric vehicle sector Hybrids and Electrics, this is the first year in which Spain reaches the figure of two digits in terms of the registration of this type of vehicle. Among passenger cars, vans, motorcycles or trucks, a total of 13,021 pure electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) were registered last year. This increase in the demand of the sector has generated a consequent adaptation of the market and, as for credits, there are already those that are designed to finance an electric or hybrid car.

The financing of renewable energy cars has options

According to the AEDIVE, Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles, this increase in the numbers of electric or hybrid cars registered in Spain evidences the growing interest for electric mobility and for vehicles with zero emissions label by companies, administrations, and individuals. And as we said before, the growing demand in the sector means that the market has to adapt to the new needs of the consumer.

Therefore, if we are thinking of looking for financing to get an electric or hybrid car, we can take into account the specific offers for these cases that are in the market like car title loans apply for cash loans online with gadcapital.com.


The Bigbank Electric Car Green Loan

The Bigbank Electric Car Green Loan


One of the best loans that we find in the current market in order to finance an electric car is the Bigbank Electric Car Electric Loan. Through this loan, we can finance the purchase of our 100% electric vehicle at a very advantageous price. Below we can see the main features of this car loan.

As we can see from the table, the interest is 3.99%, which makes this loan become a cheap loan. In addition, the APR that this car loan presents is also lower than the average, specifically, 4.06%, which is almost half of the APR normally offered by personal loans.

The Green Loan Sustainable Projects of Bigbank

The Green Loan Sustainable Projects of Bigbank


Another loan that finances projects for the conservation of the environment is the Green Loan Sustainable Projects of Bigbank. With this loan, we could also finance our electric car (or hybrid), although it also supports other purposes. Below we can see the most remarkable features of this loan:

As we said, this loan can also be used for other types of projects than financing a car. For example, for the purchase of an electric bicycle, for the installation of solar panels or for the purchase of small ECO appliances.

Bankia sustainable credit

Finally, the last convenient credit to finance sustainable products is the Sustainable Credit of Bankia. With this loan, we can also finance an electric car or propelled with some alternative fuel, although, like the previous one, it also allows other types of purposes, such as, for example, the reform of the home to achieve a better energy efficiency.

If we have in mind the acquisition of a sustainable vehicle, therefore, we can already count on specific offers that are in the market thanks to the increase in demand in this sector. In addition, as we have seen, this type of financing is not only reduced to sustainable car loans but also we can go to them (to the last two) in the case of wanting to finance for any type of purpose that takes into account the conservation of the environment.